Do The Rich Pay Their Fair Share??

So the Democrats, most all on the rampage, ask, do the rich pay their fair share of taxes? Do they pay less than the rest of America? Should they be penalized for making more money?

This article from suggests that the rich do pay more; a lot more:


The fact is, they do. Some pay less in certain years because of past losses, but in the end, they pay a lot more, both in terms of absolute $ and percentage of earned income.

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One thought on “Do The Rich Pay Their Fair Share??

  1. Fairness is often fathomed from the pit of disappointed personal dreams, or the imagined utopia that would emerge if only equal outcomes could be imposed, regardless of the factors eventually rewarding resources and applied intelligence. The media have adopted the tenet that unequal outcomes reward unworthy people and punish the innocent. Both sides tend to sell their opinion anecdotally, but the left more ardently.

    Equal outcomes, regardless of competitive, merit-based, factors, robs such a society of the very people upon whom the bottom 2/3rds depend. The USSR and the Cultural revolution could be cited, but so could “the Brain-drain” suffered by the UK half a century ago. Washington State once had a pipe-dream to tax Boeing to feed its over-extended social programs; Boeing voted with their feet and went elsewhere. Few will forego feeding their own “families” to feed others. In the end, social “fairness” is carried to an extreme that undermines incentives to stimulate economic growth, and sucks away ambition at almost every level. Hunger is the best motivator for improving survival, and reward is the best stimulant to excellence.

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