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”What a waste it is to lose one’s mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.”

— Dan Quayle

I am Chris Foster and I am excited to tell you about PoliticalAbsurdity.net, where we will look at, analyze and hope to have some fun at the expense of topical issues of the day; some important and others not nearly so.  Political Absurdity will examine some of today’s key political issues. You won’t always agree with us, but we want you to join the conversation!

Our Political Leanings

Readers will soon note that we come from the conservative end of the political spectrum, thus our views are of that bent.  That said, we are equal opportunity insulters, so those from the right might find some of what we present way out of sorts with their more traditional “Republican” ideology.  We are certainly are not right-wingers in keeping with many of today’s conservative commentators and like to think that we are open to all ideas, truths and absurdities. We love irony.

Content and Policies

Before we get started, please allow us to briefly outline some of the guideposts that govern Political Absurdity:

Content Types

  • Original opinion articles
  • Satire
  • Analysis
  • Reposting and analysis of/comment on content from other bloggers, news media, political candidates, YouTube, political cartoons, etc.
  • “Point/Counterpoint”

We are not reporters. We are commentators.


  • We invite input and love comments from people who disagree w us
  • “Hate speech” will not be allowed
  • Let’s avoid being too off-color or overly offensive
  • We do not believe in, nor will we tolerate racism. That does not mean that we won’t take issue with common notions in this politically correct world that we live in. 
  • To be clear, we just cannot stand “political correctness,” so long as our words are not rooted in “hate”, but rather in what we believe to be truth and, in an effort to shed light on a given circumstance.  Moreover, we believe that political correctness is often a disservice to those that are supposedly being protected.
  • We will try to investigate subjects from varying perspectives before publishing.
  • We want to avoid fake news.

Ok, let’s dive in a little to give our readers a taste of what we are talking about:

The Media

Yes, we think that the News Media has a strong bias toward the left, especially cable news outlets, like MSNBC and CNN which currently seem to exist for one purpose and one purpose only; to try to discredit Trump and to get him impeached.  Is there nothing out there to talk about other than the Muller Report??  A nuclear bomb could go off in Argentina and Rachel Maddow would still be talking about the Muller Report, or maybe about how Trump’s interference with the investigation caused the detonation.

Typical Trump Photo From The NYT

The more traditional outlets, like The New York Times and Washington Post are not a lot different.  Look at any front page on any given day and you will almost always see a negative report on Trump along with a photo of him looking like an idiot.  (I know, that’s not hard to find.  More to come on that in a minute.)  Rarely are both sides of an issue explored, and background information necessary to get context on a given story is most often nonexistent.

You don’t have to lie to be untruthful.  Telling only ½ the story is misleading, and the media is guilty of this every day.

Now, Fox News is a mirror image of the same story.  They can’t ever seem to find any fault at all with anything Trump.  However, I think Fox really shows its colors with respect to the border.  Is immigration really the cause of all ills in the US?  Perhaps worse, in my opinion, many, not all, of the far Right’s fits about immigration can be traced not to job losses, or crimes committed by undocumented workers, but sometimes outright bigotry. This is not to say that the left’s positions on immigration are not at times completely ridiculous.


Trump Is A Creation of The Left

We here at Political Absurdity are no big fans of Trump.  Yes, we agree with many or even most of his policies on taxation, holding the line on our trading partners, reduced regulation, etc., but the guy is nuts!  He is outright childish and perhaps even dangerous.  To think that he has his finger on the nuclear button is absolutely terrifying.  Why the heck can’t the Democrats and press (often one and same it seems) focus on that?


“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

— Ronald Reagan

Warning! This will be enough to curl the toes of any true blooded Libber or Right to Lifer. 

I think that men should be able to demand an abortion


I think that men should be able to demand an abortion.  If women have a right to choose, then men should have the same.  Think about it —  How is it that we justify a woman’s right to choose an abortion under the constitution?  The Right to Privacy, and thus a woman’s right to decide how and what to do with her body (and when it’s convenient to have a baby).

So, if the Right to Choose revolves around decisions on what one does with one’s body, then why shouldn’t a man have the same right?  “Well, it’s not his body you say,” – Oh but it is:

What happens when a woman makes the decision not to have an abortion and goes forward with having a baby?  She decides what to do with the next 9 months and what to do with the child from there.  What about the man?  He can be committed under law to support the child for the next 19 years.  Is the decision about what do for the next 19 years not a major decision about what he will do with his body?

Now, when I present this to my Libber friends, they all — I mean every one of them, retort the same way — “Well the man should have thought about that before he stuck his thing in there”  (or something to that effect).

Really, that’s the reason?  Ask yourself, what does a Right to Lifer say in response when a woman says, “I should have the right to choose”

“You made that decision when you chose to have sex…”

There is a lot more to talk about surrounding the subject and plenty of caveats that need to go along with this line of reasoning, but let’s save that for later…

Ok, now you are probably beginning to get it.  We are going to startle and maybe even upset you on a whole lot of levels.  We hope that you will be entertained and join us for lively discussion on the most topical issues of our times.  Heck, start now and send us your thoughts on what we have already said!


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