Interview with Antonia Ottawa Litigious (“AOL”)

I want to be the first to welcome Antonia Ottawa Litigious (AOL) to the Political Absurdity (PA) team.  AOL will serve as a commentator representing alternative viewpoints.  She brings some excellent credentials to the team.  We understand that she graduated with a doctorate in political science from UC Berkeley.

PA:       Dr. Litigious welcome!

AOL:    Antonia please, but thank you.  Based on reading your post entitled, About Political Absurdity, you are going to need some real help!

PA:       So, Antonia, please tell our readers more about your background.

AOL:    Sure.  As you mentioned, we attended UC Berkeley working toward a PhD in Political Science with a special emphasis on Climate Change Policies.  We completed our undergraduate degree at Delay University in Corn Husk, Iowa, were we spent 9 years studying History, specializing in TV Programing.

PA:       Wow, so you bring some great educational background to the table.

AOL:    Clearly, we are not mentally challenged or anything!

PA:       Tell us about what you have been doing since college.

AOL:    We’ve been economically inactive over that period.

PA:       Well can you tell us how your personal experiences have helped to prepare you for this job as a commentator?

AOL:    First of all, we must insist that you refer to us as a compersontator!  Anyway, we bring a lot of alternative life experiences to the table, including life starting as physically male in appearance and currently identifying as female in transition.

PA:       Tell us about your views on American politics.

AOL:    Certain human persons have been tremendously underserved and underrepresented in the area commonly referred to as America, particularly those living in economically disadvantaged areas.  The police have brutalized them, even profiling those behaviorally challenged individuals engaged in wealth redistribution negatively.  The other night we saw a news story about a person of color identifying as male, attacking only with a hatchet and knife, who was shot by a police person.

Naturally, we absolutely want to revisit recently eaten foods when-ever we hear anything out of the Trump regime.  That racist white misogynistic male identifier… . What sort of basket of deplorables would vote for that guy? We mean, some sort of idiots praying to “Jesus“, how stupid!

Finally, this country has got to start having some real respect for the beliefs and traditions of humans in other nations. For some Islamophobic reason we keep trying to stop “terrorism”. Don’t these Humans have the basic right to express themselves and their beliefs?

PA:       What do you think of the of the Democratic party’s new socialist direction?  I assume that you identify with the left and are in favor of the proposals calling for the borders be opened, all student debt be forgiven, free health care, and generous income credits?

AOL:    Of course, what are we, fascists?

PA:       Do you think that you will be ok with people who disagree with and question some of your left leaning opinions?

AOL:    Of course…we are completely open to all points of view! We simply want that as a starting point there be an acknowledgement that policies and points of view held by those within, or in any way affiliated with the Republican Party are ignorant and represent an existential threat to those humans that are really entitled to express themselves. We certainly don’t want to give these types of stupid opinions credence in any way. It really is amazing that there has been no legislation to require some sort of basic intelligence test for registered Republicans before they enter the polling places.

PA:       Do you live in the ghetto so that you can mix, communicate with and assist the less fortunate?

AOL:    No, it’s way too dirty down there.  We live in Beverly Hills where we can mix with persons of our own social and educational standing.

PA:       Wow, that must be expensive, how do you afford it?

AOL:    Our familial unit is in the petroleum business and provides us with the economic support that we deserve.

Stay with us for more from AOL and her takes on our posts here at PoliticalAbsurdity.  We look forward to hearing from her and most especially from you!  Tell us what you think, like, don’t like, how we’ve got it right or wrong, or why we should be banned from the internet!


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