Transcript Of Trump Call w/ Ukraine President

The latest in the Whistleblower scandal Re: Ukraine phone call. I am not sure I fully understand the garble or see exactly where there is evidence of real quid pro quo in this (see link below).

Biden was mentioned, but we can’t imagine this alone is proof enough that Trump did anything illegal. Maybe there was some innuendo, but weak.. See it for yourself. A quick read.

Impeachable Offence Or Just Stupid?

Moreover, there is not enough, as we see it, for impeachment. That said, this is yet another Trump dumb move, especially after 2 years of Muller investigation and makes us all the more convinced that he is not mentally fit to be running the most powerful nation in the world. What the heck is he thinking, or is he thinking at all? And why is Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, involved with anything to do with Ukraine?

Now, if we could just find a candidate who is not a socialist or part of the scandal himself…

Transcript of Ukraine Call


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